What you need to be a Prentice Partner

  1. Honesty and integrity - a clear history of ethical personal and business relations
  2. Experience in executive search, permanent or temporary recruitment
  3. Empathy, professional communication skills and the instinct to know when and how to negotiate

  4. A few client contacts and the drive to develop more

  5. The self motivation, patience and persistence to lead your own highly supported recruitment practice
  6. A computer (PC or Mac), broadband Internet and mobile phone
  7. Access to funds to cover your expenses until commissions are paid, this could be 2 to 3 months or more
  8. An ABN or Pty Ltd company


Our Application Process

  1. If you can meet the criteria above call David Geddes 0409 011 162
  2. Meetings - telephone, in person or Skype video
  3. An offer to become a Prentice Partner
  4. Reference check
  5. Training in systems and processes

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